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Wonder Preschool & Learning Center

Dear Wonder Families, Staff, & Community Members, 

It is with deep sadness that we regret to inform you that Wonder Preschool & Learning Center will no longer be in operation as of September 15, 2023. The decision to close our beloved school was extremely difficult. Despite this closure we are extremely grateful for the lessons learned.

The good news is that when one door closes, another opens. We know that next steps for our Wonder students will be filled with love, confidence, friendship, support, and hope in a new learning environment. We could not be more proud of our Wonder tribe. We look forward to seeing you all again and to still servicing the greater community via our sister company Smile, who is currently in development of many new programs that support neruodiversity!

Thanks again for all the support and love you have shown us over the years. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our executive directors at admin@wonderstars.info.

With much respect and love,

Executive Directors Nicole & Tony Hajjar 

 To learn more about Smile Pediatric Therapy & Diagnostics (Smile), please